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(The Practice of Generosity)

If you have attended an online retreat or dharma talk with David, you can make a donation below.

Any cost you paid to register goes to support the meditation center or online infrastructure that was used. David offers his teaching in the spirit of dana, which in Buddhist teachings is translated as “generosity freely given.” In this practice, the teacher(s) accept financial dana from the participants as an expression of appreciation for the teachings. No donation is required, and there’s no suggested amount. Guidelines for the practice of dana are to choose a contribution that gives rise to a warm, joyful feeling in your heart and to make an offering that feels appropriate in relation to your personal financial situation. 

In keeping with this tradition, we invite financial donations from those of you who would like to support David's teaching.

  • Locate the event that you attended from the list below. 

  • Please donate with the buttons below via PayPal or credit/debit card. 

  • Or, send a check made out to IMCC to: IMCC c/o David Chernikoff, 255 Pawnee Dr., Boulder, CO 80303.

  • Can't find what you're looking for? Running into a technical problem? Email Stephen Troy for support.

White Heron Sangha
Aging and Awakening

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Flowering Lotus Meditation
Stress as a Spiritual Teacher

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Southern Dharma Retreat Center
Deepening Your Practice

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Mid America Dharma
Befriending Death, Embracing Life

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