Weekly Online Sangha

Weekly Sunday Morning Meditations


David is currently leading a weekly Sunday morning meditation online from 8:00-8:45am, Mountain time. The session consists of a brief opening, a thirty minute period of meditation practice, and some closing remarks. These morning sessions are currently offered seven days a week and a different teacher leads the morning meditation on each day. Because the teacher and the Zoom information for these online gatherings change periodically, a weekly email is sent out each Sunday to people on David's email list.


Please email him your name and email address if you would like to be added to that list to receive updates about his Sunday morning meditations, morning meditations on the other days of the week, his weekly Tuesday Night Sangha meetings, and his online retreats.

Weekly Tuesday Night Sangha

During these uncertain and challenging times, David has moved the weekly Tuesday night meditation group online using the Zoom video app. The schedule will remain as it has been, with the introductory remarks and meditation starting at 7:00 PM (Mountain time), and the talk or discussion starting at 8:00 PM. 

In order to participate in the Sunday morning meditations or the Tuesday night sangha gatherings, you will need to download the Zoom app, which is free for participants. Zoom is available on many devices and the download links can be found here: https://zoom.us/download 

You can either click this link to join Zoom Meeting:

Or, you can open the Zoom app and enter this information: 
Meeting ID: 765 687 1211
Password: 944333

Once there, you will be prompted to set up your audio, microphone, and camera (depending on your device). It may be silent initially as the other attendees will be muted until David begins the meeting. We encourage you to turn on your camera if you're comfortable doing so during the talk or discussion, so David can see and interact with the participants. If the meeting includes a discussion, you can click "Participants" and then "Raise Hand" to indicate you'd like to make a comment or ask a question. Once it is your turn, you will be prompted by the host or co-host to un-mute so you can speak. 

If you need technical assistance setting up Zoom, please contact David and he'll arrange for a volunteer to assist you. 



In accordance with the tradition of Buddhist practice, these teachings are being freely offered with no expectation of financial gain. For those who wish to practice dana (gifts freely given in gratitude for the receipt of teachings), useful guidelines are to choose a financial offering that uplifts your heart and that feels appropriate for your personal situation. 

  • Please donate with the buttons below via PayPal or credit/debit card. Note that there are separate PayPal buttons for the Sunday morning meditation and the Tuesday night sangha gathering.

  • Or, send a check to IMCC, c/o David Chernikoff, 255 Pawnee Dr., Boulder, CO 80303. Please indicate in the memo line if your dana offering is for the Sunday morning meditation, for the Tuesday night sangha, or both.

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